History of our charity

Our charity has been helping people in Dorset since 1918.

Dorset Blind Association has existed for almost a century, always with the same goal: supporting blind and partially sighted people in Dorset.

“I have been involved with Dorset Blind Association for many years and will continue to support their work improving lives for local people with visual impairment” – Judith


Dorset Blind Association was formed under the name Dorsetshire County Association for the care of the Blind (DCAB). It was intended to help veterans returning from the war who sustained injuries affecting their sight.

Blind homeworkers are paid to make baskets and nets. Other blind people are trained to work as musicians, masseuses, knitters and piano tuners

We are offered a mini-bus for the use of blind people in Poole, from Bonhomie United Charity Society, Southampton. We also receive financial help from Hetherington Charities for Aged Blind Persons, Cloth Workers Company, Gardner’s Trust for the Blind, The Royal Blind Pension Society, London Association for the Blind and the Hampshire & I.O.W. Educational Trust for the Blind.

The first paid secretary is hired, after almost 70 years of DCAB’s existence. Her job was to set up local branch committees to oversee each area and to work towards a resource centre.

DCAB issued the first Link Magazine, which has now become the Dorset Link Newsletter.

The Dorsetshire County Association for the care of the Blind becomes the Dorset Blind Association.

With the help of more than 400 dedicated volunteers, Dorset Blind Association helps 1,000 people each month with an extensive variety of services.

Support our work

Please help us reach a hundred years and more by supporting our work. We rely on the generosity of the local community to fund our work. You can donate online here or see more options on our donate page.

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