Gareth Owens

Community and Corporate Fundraiser

Well, I am of farming stock and grew up in a teeny, tiny mountain village in Wales and moved to Dorset to raise my family here as it’s so glorious and I’m very much a beach bum at heart.

When I’m not lamenting my hair loss, I’m very much the self-proclaimed go-to man for a pub quiz, particularly if the quiz is centred on Dutch football of the 1970s. I also love climbing things and jumping out of trees, off cliffs (into water, obvs), or out of planes.

I have very much found that fundraising is my call in life so I’m very happy to be here at Dorset Blind Association.

Away from the family, my main passion is loud electric guitars and louder electric guitars: playing them and fixing them. Oh, and football – gorau cwarae cyd chwarae!

Email Gareth or give him a call on 01202 712864

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