Dave Palmer

Sight Equipment Demonstrator & Resource Co-ordinator

Dave Palmer, Sight Equipment Demonstrator & Resource Co-ordinatorDave Palmer is our Resource and Advice Co-ordinator.  He answers a lot of incoming phone calls to the charity and prides himself on a satisfactory conclusion to almost all – having to “think outside the box” on several occasions – but is often accused of sounding a bit “posher” than he really is!


For a number of years Dave’s crinkly long white hair made him look as though he should be a member of Time Team. (It is now shorter, making his bald patch easier to see!)


His forgetfulness is legendary amongst staff, volunteers, and members, and being ten minutes late for everything also became the norm. He can sometimes be grumpy, but a client once told a member of staff that “Dave is the hippy with the heart” – so he can’t be all bad!

Contact Dave or Call 01202 712869

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