Activities & Sports

Sight loss shouldn't mean missing out. We ensure visually impaired people can participate in a wide range of activities and sports, including but not exclusively:

Regular Activities - ballroom dancing, book club, indoor bowls, acoustic shooting , cricket, tennis, goalball

Offered Periodically - sailing, driving, water skiing, kayaking, abseiling, art

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Keeping Active

We help members access a range of activities and sports that help to remain fit and active, both in mind and body. There is great talent out there, as the London Olympics and Glasgow Commonwealth Games have shown.

Gain Confidence

There's more to sports and activities than keeping fit. People often tell us that they felt like life was over when they lost their sight. We work with people to overcome that, build confidence and independence, get into LIVING life.

When you try activities you thought you couldn't do (driving, shooting, abseiling, water skiing, flying a plane...) you start to realise that sight loss doesn't have to mean missing out.

Dorset Blind Association : driving lesson for the visually impaired

We try to offer something to interest everyone, and we are always looking at new opportunities, so keep watching to see what you would like to try!

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