Community Support and Buddies

We aim to help visually impaired people (VIP's) live independent and active lives within the local community.

Our Community Support Workers give advice, training and support. They ensure people are accessing all appropriate services and benefits and have suitable equipment and home adaptations. Volunteer visitors build friendships and trust while providing ongoing, practical support.

Dorset Blind Association : Community Support and Buddies

Practical & emotional help

This service helps each blind or partially sighted person we meet to lead a full, healthy and independent life and continue to be an active part of their local community. Our staff and volunteers offer a listening ear and lend a helping hand to provide a mix of both practical and emotional support, depending on the needs of each individual.

Community Support Workers visit VIPs in their homes to discuss their needs, getting to know each person as an individual, so they can make the best match with a local volunteer visitor. The volunteer and VIP are introduced and the volunteer then visits regularly to help in all manner of ways.

74 %

74% gain confidence

Over 750 people are helped by this service and 74% have more confidence to deal with their sight loss.

" Sam has made such a big difference to my life. She helps me with things like paperwork, sorting out my holiday photographs and has become a good friend. I think the work the Dorset Blind Association does is fantastic.

— Anna

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