Big Give Christmas Challenge 2018

We have been selected to take part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge this year to help us raise the £15,000 that is required to run our 25 vital social and activity clubs across the county.

From the Tuesday 27th November to  Tuesday 4th December, your donation will be DOUBLED by a Big Give Champion meaning that your donation will have twice the impact. There is no better time to donate to Dorset Blind Association and truly make a difference to visually impaired people this Christmas.

Currently, over 450 of our visually impaired members regularly attend our clubs and over 80% of our members agree that they feel less isolated as a result of our social clubs.

They are a vital lifeline to many visually impaired people, providing friendships and support to prevent loneliness and isolation.

Our member Jess was born with cataracts and had them removed at a young age, but has since developed eye conditions leaving her visually impaired. She regularly attends the Poole Lighthouse club, has made many friends and now is able to accept her sight loss. Before she started attending DBA’s Lighthouse club she was ashamed of her impairment, but has now has been able to accept it with the help of her friends.



Almost two-thirds of people registered blind or partially-sighted never or rarely go out, causing loneliness and depression. So our social clubs have a huge impact upon the lives of the people who use them.

Our Club coordinators regularly organise club outings and activities giving our members an opportunity to try things that they would not otherwise get a chance to experience. For example, waterskiing, sailing, driving, kayaking and activity weekends.

Adam’s eyesight has deteriorated significantly over the past few years, as result of a surgery. Since finding Dorset Blind Association, he has gained the confidence to do the things that he did before losing his vision and has started trying new things that he thought was not possible with sight loss. Since joining the Poole social club, he has found the confidence to socialise more. 




Our social clubs promote independence and allow our members to develop social skills and address issues of isolation. Our activity and sports clubs, which include a book club, acoustic shooting and indoor bowls, help to improve well being and encourages an active lifestyle.

Our member Tom has Wolframs syndrome, which is a rare genetic disorder that causes optic nerve atrophy. This means that Tom’s vision is restricted to light perception. Dorset Blind Association provided Tom with resources, networking and put him in touch with Ellingham Waterski and Wakeboard club, which he now regularly attends and competes with.  Tom enjoys attending the Poole social club as it gives him a chance to connect to like-minded people, have a chat and laugh about day to day struggles.




Our member Coral has diabetic retinopathy and  joined Dorset Blind Association 11 years ago. She attends a number of our social and activity clubs, including the reading group and the short mat indoor bowls club. She has made a number of friends through the groups that she attends and enjoys meeting for a chat and a cup of coffee, she thinks that the social aspect that the clubs offer is fantastic.




If you would like to help keep our vital social clubs running throughout 2019 and support people like Jess, Adam, Tom and Coral please consider donating to us between 27th November- 4th December to have your donation doubled and make twice the impact.

For more information or to make your donation click here.