Our Mission

Our charity provides a range of practical help and support services for people who are blind, partially sighted or suffering from serious sight loss, across the whole of Dorset.

30,000 people in Dorset have serious sight loss

Currently in Dorset over 5,600 people are registered as blind or partially sighted and an estimated 30,000 people live with serious sight loss.

That’s equivalent to 4% of the population.

We work across Dorset to help visually impaired people to adjust to living with sight loss and then still lead independent and active lives.

Dorset Blind Association mission : help people with sight loss

In the community

We deliver practical help, directly into communities, making sure it is accessible to everyone. Our support is tailored to the needs of each individual and helps around 1,000 people each month across Dorset.

Our help is not time limited - we provide continuous support for as long as it is needed, and adapt that as people's needs change over time.

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