Support for Businesses and Schools

Around 5,600 people in Dorset are registered as blind or partially sighted and an estimated 30,000 people are living with serious sight loss; the equivalent of 4% of the county's population.

If you would like to talk to us about any students, employees, service users or customers you have who are visually impaired and how you can best meet their needs, we are happy to help.

Visually impaired customers

It is just good sense for all businesses and other agencies to make sure their services are accessible to all customers, whatever the circumstances of that customer. The visually impaired community share news of companies and businesses which recognise and properly consider their needs, and those which don’t, so make sure you are one of the good ones!

Disability Discrimination

Since 1995, companies have to meet legal obligations under disability discrimination legislation Disability Discrimination Act

We can help business and other agencies make sure they achieve this goal, and positively support the employment of a staff member who develops a visual impairment. Most people can continue to work effectively with small reasonable adjustments and costs are often paid from the government's Access to Work scheme.

Other staff may benefit from sight and hearing loss awareness training and you may need to use our Transcription Service, to convert your written sales and other material to formats that are more accessible for visually impaired people.

Please talk to us, on a no obligation basis, and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs and ways in which we can work together with you for everyone's benefit.

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