Lions Club of Bridport help our young member, Jack Kirk, with a donation of an Amazon Echo

The Lions Club of Bridport heard the story of Jack Kick from Bev Jones at the Dorset Blind Association.

Jack, aged 21, suffered a brain haemorrhage in 2009. This caused damage to the back of his eyes leaving him visually impaired and is now registered as partially sighted. The brain haemorrhage also caused him to have poor balance and short-term memory loss.

Jack now manages with his condition well thanks to the support of his family. The support available has meant he is able to attend Weymouth College. Jack also attends social group Socialeyes in Bridport whenever he can. Life can be tough at times for Jack, but he remains positive.

Sheila Burton, lion president, presented Jack with an Amazon Echo.

Sheila said: “I am sure Jack will benefit from his new friend, Alexa, who will be an asset both educationally and for fun.”

Jack on receiving his Echo, said: “It’s brilliant. I use it to answer questions like what is the day or time, instead of always asking mum. I set reminders and Alexa answers my general knowledge questions too.”

A spokesman from the Dorset Blind Association said: “We’re thrilled to be able to help our member, Jack, further with the donation of an Amazon Echo. New technology is developing quickly, and this is just one example of the positive impact it can have on those living with sight loss by making everyday activities easier and more accessible.”

Bridport Lions is celebrating its 45th anniversary, and the donation to Jack highlighted their continued work within the community.

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