Celebrating 30 years of volunteering!

Shirley Newman, member of the Ferndown Blind Club committee, celebrates her 30th anniversary of volunteering at the club. Shirley is the first point of contact for many of the members that attend the club, volunteering her time to organise and welcome over 40 regular club attendees. Starting in February 1989 she has dedicated her time over the years, acting as treasurer, volunteer, organiser and now committee member, to support blind and visually impaired people in Ferndown. Shirley is hugely valued by Dorset Blind Association and the club members that she gives her time too and deserves recognition for her outstanding contribution to the community. We’d like to thank Shirley and celebrate her accomplishment.

Shirley began volunteering at the Ferndown Blind Club, after her Father lived with Glaucoma and attended a social club ran by Bournemouth Blind Society. Through a friend, Shirley began volunteering at the Ferndown Blind Club and got so much out of it that she stayed for a further thirty, fantastic years. Shirley has enjoyed volunteering her time to help members of the Ferndown club, she feels that they are a marvellous group of people and has made lifelong friends with the members, fellow volunteers as well as the staff at Dorset Blind Association.