Upcoming Collections

Be like Liz! If any of you kindly folk are interested at all in helping us out with local bucket collections, we have the following coming up in the next couple of months:

Thursday 1st August – TESCO Branksome

Tuesday 20th August – TESCO Blandford

Friday 6th September – Wimborne Town Centre

Friday 23rd August – Wimborne Town Centre

Friday 6th September – Wimborne Town Centre

Simple two hour shift (one of 10-12; 12-2; 2-4) of holding a donation bucket for benevolent types to drop their pennies and pounds in. You don’t need any detailed knowledge about the charity, what we do or who we support – a sprawling information stand will be on site 🙂

Please email Gareth at gareth@dorsetblind.org.uk or call on 01202 712864 if you’re able to help out. We really appreciate your efforts, thanks.