Big Give Christmas Challenge


Once again, Dorset Blind Association are enrolled in the annual BIG GIVE CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE campaign to help support our key Dorset social clubs for visually impaired people. This year, we’re hoping to reach a target of £10,000 and we’re asking for your help in the Pledging stage, where we hope to reach a target of £2,500 by August 30th.

During this stage, charities like us secure Pledges over the summer window. These funds are then boosted by funds from a Big Give Online Champion who contributes a matched amount, thereby doubling the pledge monies.

To Pledge, you register on the website via this link:

Pledge to Dorset Blind Association’s BIG GIVE CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE campaign!

and then we will contact you after the campaign ends to take the actual money – no monies are actually donated by you until this time.

Without the generosity of our supporters, DBA simply wouldn’t be able to exist as a charity so it’s hugely important to us that campaigns such as this are successful year-on-year as they make up a sizeable percentage of our fundraising strategy.

With your help, we can do this!