The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2019

Well then, ladies and gents: it’s that time of year again…

THE BIG GIVE CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE 2019 is here! Well, almost.

We’ve got past the pledging stage and so are halfway there. All that’s left now is a week-long window for donations to be made, and if we reach our £5,000 target – this will be doubled by our online champion and summer pledges. In a nutshell: whatever monies you donate will be doubled if we hit our target*.

This is a VERY important part of the fundraising year for Dorset Blind Association as it goes towards keeping our social clubs afloat throughout the year, so please, if you’re thinking of donating to us sometime this year, make it NEXT WEEK.

Come midday Tuesday 3rd December, a shiny red DONATE icon will appear on the screen via the link below and you’ll be able to donate, but only for seven days until midday Tuesday 10th December. After that, the opportunity will be gone until next year.

So, in a nutshell: please consider donating to us during THE BIG GIVE CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE, starting on #GivingTuesday

* please know that YOU don’t pay twice. There is an existing pot of money which we can claim if we hit our target.