Pop In A £

Admittedly, we’re still a little bit away from shopping and socialising getting back to something approaching normal again but we’re keen to get our POP IN A £ campaign out so it’s fresh in your mind for when you DO see our collection tins again.

The charity collection tin has been a stalwart of community fundraising for longer than you might think. But despite its old age, the tin still serves as an effective way to raise money – and an excellent reminder that there is always a reason to give: a symbol of the philanthropic culture within the UK

It’s simple enough – if you can spare it, please #popinapound when you see one of our little pink elephants cheerfully waving to you across bars and shop counters when the lockdown lifts enough for us to start frequenting our favourite shops, pubs, cafes, restaurants, et al.

One POUND may not seem like much but it can make the world of difference to us running our services to support blind and partially sighted people in your community.

We’ll be circulating details of where to find the little pink chaps in YOUR neck of the woods over the coming weeks 😃