Legacies can be a hard source of funding to work into conversation for any charity as they only come about following someone’s death. So, you see, not exactly a topic to approach with reckless abandon.

Thankfully, we British largely tend to talk about death with an air of indifference, as if it’s something of a matter-of-fact banality, which can be a godsend when bringing up the subject of whether an individual might consider adding a gift in their Will in the form of a legacy.

A legacy donation is a charitable contribution left to us in somebody’s Will, and they are a HUGE source of funding for us.

They’re usually left as a MONETARY GIFT (where you specify a fixed amount) or a RESIDUAL GIFT (effectively whatever is left of your estate, or a share of it).

Also, if you have already written your Will, you can add a Codicil including a gift to us.

If YOU would like to consider leaving a legacy donation to us, you can discuss this with your solicitor, or just phone us on 01202 712865 for more info.