Community Support Updates

What have our very own Fab Four been up to? A recent survey by one of our sister charities showed that of almost 1,000 blind and visually impaired people only 17% of respondents were contacted by their local sensory team during the first ten weeks of the pandemic lockdown. We would expect similar numbers here.

However, our Fab Four took a pro-active approach very early on – contacting people that we knew to see how they were coping and what we could do to help. Our Community Support Workers have made more than 1500 calls in this period, and are still going strong!
As a result we were able to help people get the support they needed and set up regular contact using phone buddies, telephone chat groups and Zoom.

Have you been one of the people we reached out to?

Image shows a collage of Gill, Leah, Bev and Moira working from home on their computers wearing headphones and making calls