Meet Jim Our Sight Equipment Co-Ordinator

Jim Logan is our Sight Equipment and Resources Co-ordinator. He’s the man with the van who brings our equipment service out to people in their homes to help them make living independently easier.

Picture of Equipment co-ordinator Jim Logan with his DBA vehicle

Recently, we were able to get some funding to keep him on the road through the Coronavirus Community Support Fund and here is his story in his own words.

“I am the Equipment man at Dorset Blind Association. I spend my working week supporting members and non-members in their own homes demonstrating equipment to help support their low vision.

2020 has been a challenge for our members. In the first four months my role was furloughed and during this time there was no equipment service. In July when lock down was lifted I spent my time on catching up with those people most in need of the equipment service.

There was a lot of relief that the service was back up and running. Then lockdown 2 was upon us. I am pleased that my role is recognised as an essential service. The people in the Dorset community that use DBA are also relieved that the service continues during this difficult time.

For many people, I am the only human they interact with. In these circumstances my role is more than just equipment. I listen to them, I empathise with them and I do whatever I can to reassure them that Dorset Blind is there to support.

Most weeks even during lockdown I see on average 15 members and non-members per week so that can be as many as 700 visits per year. In most cases I am able to order equipment via different organisations such as the RNIB and Optima Low Vision Services.

Sometimes I loan equipment for the person to try and in many cases I can provide them with second-hand equipment which is very helpful for those on a limited budget. Dorset Blind is a vital service within the community. The National Lottery funding has enabled my colleagues and I to support those in need both practically and emotionally with coming to terms with low vision.”

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