Free Wills Month

Did you know March is Free Wills Month? You can ring a local solicitor to see if they are participating or use this link to find one near you. You can also choose to leave a legacy or gift to a charity of your choice in your will, read on for some info from our website.

A legacy donation is a charitable contribution left to us in somebody’s Will, and they are our single most important source of funding. In fact, without them we could not survive. Legacies to charities are tax-efficient as they are exempt from inheritance tax and could bring the estate below the inheritance tax threshold.

The most common ways to leave a gift:

  • Monetary gifts: specify a fixed amount
  • Residuary gifts: whatever is left of your estate, or a share of it.

If you have already written your Will, you can add a Codicil including a gift to us.

It is important to have your Will made properly by a professional.How to set up a legacy donation If you’d like to leave a legacy donation to us, you can discuss this with your solicitor, or just phone us on 01202 712865.