Weymouth Club Volunteer Retires

Our long standing member and volunteer Jenny Clift has, with a very heavy heart, decided she is unable to run one of our Weymouth clubs any longer. Jenny was born with bilateral congenital cataracts and has suffered with visual impairment all her life. As a child she attended The Barclay School, a school for visually impaired girls. Whilst living in Southampton she was registered as partially sighted. 

In 1964 Jenny, her husband and their two children moved to Weymouth. In time Jenny’s vision did sadly decrease and in 1967 she joined DBA.  

In 1993 Jenny was registered blind following two detached retinas. She went on to lose her vision in her right eye and only has 25% vision in her left eye now.

Jenny soon began to volunteer at the DBA club she attended and, in 2006, she took over as leader. She has continued to run the club ever since. 

Jenny has been amazing, dedicated and full of passion to provide a fun afternoon to our members, who speak so highly of her. We must also mention Graham, who has helped her to run a very happy club. All this, while dealing with her ever increasing vision loss, the death of her husband and other health issues.

Jenny is an inspiration to many. Now though, with an increase in her vision loss and aches and pains, it’s time to step away from running the club and just enjoy being a member. She has volunteered for us for almost 30 years and has received a few milestone certificates. This remarkable lady is after all 80 years old!

So from us at DBA we want to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU.

Photo of Jenny