Centenary Champions Appeal

Become a DBA Centenary Champion

With Dorset Blind Association having achieved a landmark 100th birthday in 2018, we’re calling upon our followers throughout the county (and beyond) to support us with our Centenary Champions appeal.

Why support our appeal? A personal story.

“My sight loss journey began when, at the age of 26, I experienced a sudden detachment of the retina in one eye, which was left blind. Then I lost most of the sight in the other eye. This subsequently led to a loss of independence, career, ability to drive and social contact. With a lot of support from family, friends and organisations like Dorset Blind Association, I was able to rebuild a meaningful life and also support others in my situation.

Forty years on, my remaining eye still has some sight, which could go at any time, and I feel very lucky to be involved with a charity that provides such a depth and breadth of service across the entire county. I am deeply committed to supporting its essential work for the well-being of our fellow Dorset residents experiencing their own unique sight loss journey. Please help us continue providing these valuable services for those who rely on them today and into the future” – Maria Grundmann, Member and Chair of Trustees

The aim of the appeal is simple enough: to raise £100,000 towards the work of Dorset Blind Association from our Centenary Champions and then shout about it from the rooftops!

This is an ambitious target and we are delighted to have already received several donations at the £1,000 level. We are looking for other kind and generous people to donate as much as they can to help us reach this target, which will go a long way towards helping our services continue for another 100 years. Just imagine: it could be as simple as 100 benevolent souls donating £1,000 each!

If you would like to donate and become a Centenary Champion, there are a number of ways you can go about it:

  • download, fill out and send off the PDF below with an accompanying cheque
  • call us on 01202 712865 to make a card payment by phone
  • email us at fundraising@dorsetblind.org.uk and we will call you back to take payment

Centenary Champions Donation Form

At the moment, we stand on… £13,800*

*includes Gift Aid