Collection Tins

It may sound like a small thing but having a Dorset Blind Association collection tin on your premises goes a long way to helping us reach out to vulnerable people affected by sight loss within Dorset and draw attention to the services that we offer.

We receive no government funding whatsoever so are completely reliant upon the goodwill and generosity of our supporters throughout Dorset, so our Pink Elephant collection tins play a key part in our fundraising strategy.

They contribute to raising a running stream of income to support our services.

You may not think that collection tins can raise a lot of money, but when you have an army of them circulated around the county you’d be surprised as to how much of a role they play. For example: if 200 tins brought in just £15 apiece over a three-month period, that would generate £3000 for DBA. That could equate to £12,000 in one year – from collection tins alone!

They help us to establish and maintain Dorset Blind Association’s profile within the community.

We believe there are many more people in Dorset who could benefit from our services and, by helping us to maintain a visible presence with a collection tin on your premises, you could help them to get in touch with us.

If you are interested in having one of our Pink Elephant collection tins on your premises, please email and we will arrange for one to be brought to your business.

Alternatively, you can print out our DIY Collection Box and start collecting for DBA straight away!