Social Clubs for Visually Impaired People

Having sight loss doesn’t have to mean sitting at home on your own. Although getting out and meeting new people might feel more challenging at first, we can help.

We have 21 social clubs around Dorset, where people with sight loss can come together and enjoy each other’s company. Our lovely volunteers make you feel welcome and get you a cuppa and a tasty treat.

Most club meetings have some entertainment and the occasional outing. However, many of our members tell us that the real attraction is just the opportunity to get out of the house, sit and talk with others, share a joke and a coffee and feel safe in the knowledge that they are among friends.

social clubs at Dorset Blind Association

Have a coffee with friends

If you can’t get there we will arrange for a volunteer driver to come and collect you. We are aware that it is more difficult to get out when you can’t see well, and that can cause isolation. At Dorset Blind Association we believe that sight loss shouldn’t mean missing out, and we do all that we can to enable our members to have an active social life if they want it.

“I feel elated after the social club from seeing everyone and it stops me feeling sorry for myself” – Janice

We are updating our club information regularly as more clubs reopen after lockdown restrictions.

Please feel free to contact us regarding information or give us a call on 01202 712869.

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