Bournemouth University

Our team at Dorset Blind Association work with a number of businesses and educational establishments. We use relationship managers to create mutual relationships that work well to fulfil everybody’s needs.  Joint projects can include fundraising, events, accessibility, education, work placements and more!

Dorset Blind Association has worked with Bournemouth University on an employment project for blind and visually impaired people, research projects, a blindfold fundraising run for students, work experience placements, being the Student’s Union Charity of the Year and numerous press campaigns.

Here is what Ian Jones,Head of Regional Community Partnerships at Bournemouth University had to say about his relationship manager, Jaya:

“I have had the pleasure to work with Jaya on several projects over the last two years. Jaya is very competent and possesses a personality that is very infectious. She displays drive and enthusiasm in anything she undertakes and it is hard not to get caught up in, and support accordingly, any work she involved in. She is a fantastic ambassador in her role at the Dorset Blind Association. She is tenacious is ensuring that she achieves whatever she sets out to do but never at the expense of those involved. She has a great sense of humour that always put those in her company at ease. She possesses the skill of being able to get others to work together towards a common goal. She is very able is dealing with many tasks at once and always portrays a calm persona of someone who is both knowledgeable and in control.”

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