“It’s hard to explain to the feeling of loss. DBA has helped me stay positive and keep active for my own well being.”

David is a 64 year-old retired social worker who lost his sight over forty years ago due to inflammation of the retina. When he was diagnosed, there was no available treatment and hence due to the wear and tear throughout the years, his sight has deteriorated considerably.

David expresses his inability to see as having a strong feeling of having lost one of the most important things in his life. The ability to interact with others has grown to become a diligent task for David and he wishes more people were informed about how to approach a person who is blind/partially-sighted so as to not startle them and keep them at ease.

David became a member of Dorset Blind Association in 2012 and has turned over a new leaf having been given the opportunity to interact with several others in the same circumstances as himself as well as participating in several activities organised by Dorset Blind such as cricket, virtual rowing, tennis and park runs in Poole and Bournemouth.

Through Dorset Blind Association, David has managed to participate in various activities, gain new experiences and meet new people who share and understand the problems he faces every day of his life.

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