Debbie is 50 and lost her sight at birth.

Earlier this year Debbie’s mother died and as she had always lived with her parent, it was the first time that she had ever had to live alone.

For Debbie, trying to cope with this was a huge challenge.

She struggled at first but being introduced to the Dorset Blind Association was the start of things looking up. Initial help from Leah, one of the charity’s Community Support Workers, was followed by regular visits which have been a great help, as have the outings they take together, which broaden Debbie’s horizons and steadily improve and increase her confidence.

Starting to attend the Weymouth Socialeyes club for visually impaired people of working age was also a great help and gave Debbie a new circle of friends. The peer support at the group has been especially useful, with others able to help Debbie to overcome some of the challenges she was facing by offering the benefit of their own life experience.

All the help has combined to make a huge positive difference; in Debbie’s own words, “The Dorset Blind Association has been a lifeline for me, introducing me back into independent living and socially bringing me out of my shell. I’ve had great support from Leah and the volunteers. I love the club meetings and outings and learning new skills. This has all been due to the Dorset Blind Association and I just want to say ‘thank you’.”

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