“I feel lucky, I feel very lucky to be a part of Dorset Blind Association”

Edward is a 90 Year-Old ex-military worker from London who is diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration. He has been registered partially sighted for 5 and a half years but still manages to get around by himself.

We try and give our members the best possible life they can live and members like Edward greatly benefit from the work we do. Our social clubs offer our members the chance to meet each other and delve into conversation, listen to audiobooks and take part in various activities. Edward has had the chance to meet several people that are in a similar situation to himself and he has managed to make several new friends at our social clubs. We try and offer our members the reassurance of having the support and resources to make their lives easier, healthier and happier.

Edward dealt with his sight loss quite well. He admits that he finds many things quite tedious to undertake but, he considers himself to be extremely lucky at the fact that he can still do most of his tasks without the help of others.

We offer our members practical and emotional support and Edward has taken advantage of the latter. Giving Edward the chance to go out and meet new people and interact with different aspects of the world has opened new doors for him. Edward has grown a new leaf of positivity in his life and feels well owed to Dorset Blind Association.

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