Joan and Brenda

“We so enjoy each other’s company, we are such a good match”

This is what both Dorset Blind Association member Joan and her volunteer visitor Brenda had to say about each other when asked what they thought about the Community Support Service and how it is working for them. One thing both agree on is that the ‘pairing up’ organised by Helen Basson, Purbeck Community Support Worker, is a ‘match made in heaven’.

We will be friends for life now, they both agree. Joan said how comforting it was to have someone as reliable as Brenda to support her, and how much she looks forward to seeing her. “Brenda usually rings me before she comes over”, said Joan, “to see if there is anything I need as I am so isolated in my village”. She goes on to say that “It’s not often at my age that you can find someone to laugh with, and we certainly do that! She’s so easy to talk to and my dog Tudor loves her as well.” “That’s because I bring him treats” Brenda quickly says, and once again they laugh together, as Tudor sticks his nose into Brenda’s bag.

Brenda has nothing but praise for Joan. “She is so independent , and such a wonderful person. I enjoy visiting and nattering while putting the world to rights. I do sometimes tell her off when she doesn’t always think about herself, but she knows that’s because I care.” “Oh, is that what it is?” says Joan with a big smile on her face.

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