“Dorset Blind gave me a lifeline and the support to get my life back together.”

Lynne is a retired mother of three that lost half her vision in the early stages of her life and went on to lose the rest of it when she experienced an electrical fault in her car. Her sight loss was instant. She is completely blind in her right eye but is still able to see through her left eye and is hence deemed as partially sighted.

After losing her sight, Lynne went through several stages of bereavement seeking physical and emotional support from her GP, family and friends. She constantly questioned whether life as she knew it was worth living. Three years down the line, with all the support she received from those around her and Dorset Blind Association, she has accepted her condition and now leads a much happier and fulfilled life.

Lynne believes that Dorset Blind has played a pivotal role in helping her gather the strength and courage to reassemble herself and lead a much happier life. She feels that the support she has receives from Dorset Blind in organising activities such as acoustic shooting and waterskiing has helped her get out of her comfort zone and explore things she would have never imagined doing with her sight condition.

Lynne has had the chance to meet numerous people that she can relate to and she feels that Dorset Blind has helped dispose of the loneliness she once experienced when she had lost her sight. She has been able to make new friends and experience new things and is living a much happier life with the support of Dorset Blind Association.

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