“It was a slow coming-to-terms of how my life changed.”

Margaret is a local resident in Bournemouth. She has three sons and eight grandchildren. She inherited a fairly rare condition that caused her to lose her sight. Inheriting this condition was extremely strange as she is the sole member of her family to acquire this condition from both past and present generations. Margaret started losing her sight in 1994 but was unable to understand the cause for it as even medical professionals had not seen a diagnosis such as Margaret’s. She has faced a constant deterioration in her eyesight throughout the years  and hopes that she will not lose her vision completely. Margaret quickly came to terms with her condition and has looked forward ever since.

Our #tryitblind campaign was set up as an initiative to help give blind and partially sighted people a step towards employment through support and coaching. Margaret has a strong belief that blind and/or partially sighted people can achieve the highest heights by developing their confidence, courage and gaining from the support offered by Dorset Blind Association. Margaret is very happy with the strides Dorset Blind is making in order to help give people with sight loss a purpose in their lives.

Margaret has benefitted and enjoyed her time as a member of Dorset Blind Association. She has been given the support and encouragement to go out and meet people and participate in any activity that she wishes to. She has formed friendships to last a lifetime and is extremely grateful to Dorset Blind Association.

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