“You miss a lot but there are people out there with a lot less. It could be worse”

Nathan was diagnosed with Stargardt’s just over a year and a half ago and has recently joined us as a member of Dorset Blind Association. Due to his sight condition, Nathan has now been reduced to only having peripheral vision.

After being diagnosed with Stargardt’s, Nathan found it very hard to find the willingness to try and be a social member of society. His depression led to him to not leaving home for weeks on end and living a life of solitude. Nathan has managed to overcome his depression and slowly, with the help of Dorset Blind Association, is making inroads into leading a much happier and healthier lifestyle.  

Nathan was an aerospace engineer before he was diagnosed and was forced to give up his craft due to his sight condition. He has found it hard to connect with people after his diagnosis but feels that we have given him the opportunity to talk to people on the same live as himself. Nathan has been introduced to all the equipment he could ever need to live a comfortable life and is extremely content with the services that are provided by Dorset Blind Association.

Nathan now focuses on learning new things everyday. It is with the help of the various social clubs that Nathan has managed to develop an interaction with several other members. Nathan describes himself as a person that needs a push at times in order to take on certain challenges and has been absolutely delighted with the support he has received from Dorset Blind Association.

Nathan has taken to various activities such as acoustic shooting, pottery and art classes along with being an active presence in our Bournemouth social club. He has built up a strong connection with Dorset Blind Association and hopes that support remains for a long time into the future.

Nathan strongly encourages all of his newly acquired friends and anyone going to any difficult situation in their lives to persevere, stay strong and positive and get through the tough times and live in the moment.

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