Richard White


Meet Richard, who took up our offer of a skydive at 90!  He didn’t let his sight loss or age stop him from reaching up to the skies.

For most people, doing a skydive is something of a thrill but for Richard it’s something extraordinary. Richard White has age related macular degeneration, which means he has a deteriorating eyesight. Regardless, of his condition, Richard is determined to get an experience of a lifetime. In proof of his words, Richard took to enter a skydive challenge organised by us and he felt wonderful.  

We promote exciting activities for those with sight-loss all around the county with the ethos that ‘losing your sight doesn’t have to mean missing out’. The impact of these activities goes further than meets the eye, with our members like Richard reporting increased confidence, social skills and happiness.

In Richard’s own words I feel 50 years younger, it’s wonderful. It’s wonderful, I don’t know what to say. I can’t wait to do it again and this time even go higher’  

We try and help our members to enjoy the best possible life they can live, and members like Richard greatly benefit from the work we do. Our activities and events offer our members the chance to go out of their comfort zones and experience new rewarding challenges. Richard was highly applauded by everyone for undertaking the challenge and has set himself as an inspiration to blind and partially sighted people to live happier, adventurous lives. We offer our members the reassurance of having the support and resources to make their lives healthier and happier.

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