Read on to see what’s been happening at Dorset Blind Association and in the community!

Donation Pickups

A huge thank you to all the kind and generous people who have offered donations for our charity shops ahead of them re-opening on 3rd July. We have received so many that we are now pausing collections, to allow time to safely process what has been given so far We expect to be able to start… Read more »

Shops Re-opening

Well, it’s that moment you’ve all been waiting for – the announcement of when we plan to open our DBA charity shops up again. And that date is… …Friday 3rd July. Like other retailers, we’ve been busy establishing procedures to enable social distancing and reduce the chances of coronavirus transmission via clothes and other items… Read more »


Legacies can be a hard source of funding to work into conversation for any charity as they only come about following someone’s death. So, you see, not exactly a topic to approach with reckless abandon. Thankfully, we British largely tend to talk about death with an air of indifference, as if it’s something of a… Read more »

Where’s The Interpreter?

Information shared around the coronavirus pandemic, and particularly the current government guidelines, should really be the most important information shared at this time. However, a lot of safety-critical instruction and advice – at least here in England – has so-far been communicated in a fashion which overwhelmingly excludes hearing and visually-impaired communities. A prime example… Read more »

Pop In A £

Admittedly, we’re still a little bit away from shopping and socialising getting back to something approaching normal again but we’re keen to get our POP IN A £ campaign out so it’s fresh in your mind for when you DO see our collection tins again. The charity collection tin has been a stalwart of community… Read more »

The Ecclesiastical Movement For Good Awards 2020

The Ecclesiastical Movement for Good Awards are open for 2020, and we would LOVE it if you could find a few minutes to nominate DBA for a £1,000 donation. A charity can win only once but they can be nominated multiple times so please do help us out if you can: the more nominations a… Read more »

Tom’s Lockdown Experience

Tom is one of our younger members. You may well have seen him out and about with us on collections down the years, or possibly on one of our posters or pull-ups (very much the poster boy for DBA is young Mr Archer), or possibly just waterskiing past you down on Sandbanks beach. Here, Tom… Read more »

The 2.6 Challenge

Have you heard about The 2.6 Challenge? Well, like for so many other charities throughout the land, COVID-19 has been devastating for Dorset Blind Association’s finances due to the lost income from cancelled fundraising events: most notably our annual Motor Show. In response to the current crisis facing us and other charities, a new fundraising… Read more »

Community is The Word

Community is very much the name of the game at Dorset Blind Association With our charity shops now closed for the moment, our fantastic staff and volunteers have been putting themselves to good use in the community, supporting the vulnerable in this time of uncertainty. Julia, manager of our Southbourne branch, has volunteered to collect prescriptions… Read more »

We Need Your Help

During this incredibly difficult time, all of us are being challenged and moved in ways that seemed almost unimaginable just a few weeks ago. Here at Dorset Blind Association, we move on: our priority, as always, to support our community in every way still available to us. Granted, we may not be able to go… Read more »